Monday, August 16, 2010

The Best Defence I Have Seen of Pakistan's Current Situation

Hats off to Mr Mosharraf Zaidi for looking at the big picture.....

The second best line I heard in this clip explained the delegation of authority Pakistan is supposed to have:

"The real influence that any government would have there is the provincial government"

The best line? Well start from the interviewer's sputtering at 2:23

"I Make My Living off Pointing Out Those Structural Problems."

"But those structural problems are not going to get solved because of this flood. They're not going to get solved in one or two days. And they're not going to get solved because the international communtiy is worried about the Taliban over running the country. They're going to get solved because there's a domestic demand for reform. And that demand [sputtering] does not come about overnight. It takes a long time, for countries to go from being incapable, to being capable of dealing with these kinds of disasters."

"That's bad news for the rest of the world because what I'm basically saying is, we're going to have to wait for Pakistan to catch up, and that's just how it is."

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