Thursday, August 19, 2010

Combat American Soldiers Leave Iraq, 50,000 US Adviser Troops Remain

Like the title says. The largest Asian war of our time (unless you want to consider Afghanistan's full 30 years) has theoretically ended. US troops should not be engaged in firefighting in Iraq. That would be left to Iraqis.

50,000 US troops will remain in Iraq as trainers for the Iraqi security forces. These troops will not take part in combat ops, but will be designated as advisers. Even these troops have an eventual date to leave Iraq.

The neocon political movement that began this war has been attacked and destroyed from both the left and right. That is the American neo-conservative movement. Now it has to be considered how the Muslim neo-conservative movement, roughly called the Islamists, will be taken out of action for being the most physically destructive political force active today.

For now, we have the official announcement, that no more Americans will be fighting, half a world away, in the battered, fractured and bruised country of Iraq.

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