Sunday, August 15, 2010

Map on PDF Showing Damage To Upper Sindh and Lower Punjab

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research's UNOSAT division have come up with a map detailing the flooding. The rectangular area is the part of the map through which the Indus flows and where the serious flooding has occurred. The UNOSAT map is on adobe acrobat and quite large with excellent details.

What is shocking is how a river with such a small width has expanded to cover miles beyond its shores. A horrible premonition is how the area around Sukkur has seen water expand every direction except downriver. What this means is that the flood is worse and the irrigation infrastructure is holding back water from flowing into the sea. This should be good news. However, a second wave of flooding is expected to come through.

The water has to flow through quickly but if it doesn't it could lead to even worse flooding when the second wave of rains and floods arrive. Some might say that Pakistan's irrigation infrastructure should have been able to cope with this, but I have my doubts. Even though the Sukkur Barrage is said by a member of Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority to not be under threat of bursting, I'ld like to be excused if I don't believe anybody from the NDMA.

Especially considering the scale of the disaster.

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