Sunday, August 29, 2010

You're Surprised? Really?

Long ago, in the mid-nineties, I had trained myself not to bother so much about the state of cricket in Pakistan. I could just see the character of our cricketers oozing through, in the disgusting and woe-be-gone way that they just couldn't care for anything beyond themselves. Their character shone through quite nicely, so I said to myself, why should I bother about these folk? If I wanted a spectator sport, I would switch to observing the behaviour of the various violent groups operating throughout Pakistan. If I had to watch fucks, I would rather observe people who I know openly to be fucks. Like the various ethnic and sectarian militias that operate through the Pakistan.

But the response just in the updates on this blog?

If you click on each, you get the response that each blog had to this scandal.

Now along with that - here's an interesting Indian link. This is strangely sympatico with a conspiracy theory going around that Indian bookies (and by extension Hindooo India) staged this betting scandal with the talented yet "innocent naif" Mohammad Aamir, to deprive us of talent and "embarrass Pakistan". As if Pakistan needs anyone's help in embarrassing itself. But yeah, there's a headline in a Pakistani newspaper called the Daily Express, (the article's in Urdu) which translates into "The Match Fixing Scandal is an Indian Conspiracy Against the Pakistani Team". Seriously.

It's in e-paper format, but fucking seriously. I should translate it, but wow I can't believe cricket is so important to this country that people have to spin conspiracy theories to psychologically protect their egos.

Oh well. Lifetime bans all around.

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