Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flood Level Dropping? Maybe. Food Shortages and Refugee-dom? Real.

Over the last week, I've been looking at the news with the expectation of seeing the next place flooded.

This time when I've looked around, googling didn't seem to turn up any new place flooded, rather the level from Manchar lake started to drop. Interesting.

Manchar Lake is the purple dot. It would be strange if this is the only tale of water level dropping. I doubt if water level is rising anywhere, but who knows? I would doubt it this late in the game though.

However, the tales of near starvation and mis-nutrition leaking out of camps are serious, and food must be gotten to all people. Food is more important than war.

Here is the horrifying Associated Press article that inspired this blog post:

Kids Without Food in Pakistan's Flood, Face Death

It should be mentioned that all these pictures were taken in a hospital ward in Sukkur. The stories of patients in hospital wards in Pakistan are generally a collection of medical disasters before being admitted to the hospital.

Here is Dawn talking about the same problem of hunger and diseases targeting kids, and the threat and spread of Diarrhoea, Malaria, and Cholera those still living in the displaced peoples camps.

But yeah, Pakistan is on the danger list of just seven countries, who together contain two thirds of all the planet's under-fed/hungry/malnutritioned of the world. The other six are alphabetically Bangladesh, China, Congo, Ethiopia, India and Indonesia. It's telling that this piece of news is in the "Business" section of Dawn newspaper. What this might indicate, is a realisation amongst the wealthy, and the money-making, is that a less hungrier, fairer world, would ultimately be a more stable and inevitably richer world as well. We can hope they at least realise this.

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