Friday, September 24, 2010

A Minor Piece of Good News

In the face of a combined strike by the Vice-Chancellor's of 71 universities, the government did what it does best and backed down on it's attempt to cut the funding for the public sector research universities. The faculty of the universities also got the pay raises they've been asking for, for the past few months.

Maybe those vice chancellors can get together again and address the real issues Pakistani education face; barely existent primary education for the country's children, a debilitating, backward looking syllabus, and a shortage of trained teachers.

At least in the face of this one, minor victory for sanity, Ayaz Amir could call his drunken, prematurely defeatist editorial off. I like the guy, but the tone of this editorial he wrote called Who Needs Higher Education, seemed hysterical, and mildly drunk. Even if he did write it under the influence of one whiskey too many, the toast to inevitably expected defeat seems a little too over the top. And the answer to his question, "Who Needs Higher Education", well it got answered; apparently the universities and the government. Ah well. At least this reconfirms one thing we have realised by now; direct action in Pakistan, works. Now if it wasn't only the religious fundoes who were applying it most consistently.

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