Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Salaam to the Brave Kids of Kashmir

Where the Pakistan government, militant organisations, and the entire Pakistan Army has failed, a few rock throwing kids have succeeded. They’ve dragged New Delhi kicking and screaming to the negotiating table over.... K A S H M I R . Let me savour that feeling for a bit.

Oh yes.

And Yeah – if Azad (Pakistan Administered) Kashmir should wish to join with Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir in independence, they should; to teach our state bureaucracy a lesson. In the meantime maybe all the Pakistani Bloggers would like to write something for the protestors of Kashmir, whilst our slowpoke politicians do get around to pledging support to the kids on Kashmir’s streets. Good on them for doing the right thing. And lol, India’s politico’s threw a hissy fit.

It doesn’t matter what the result of this revolt is, and may it be whatever the kids of Kashmir want it to be, but the fact that they’ve made those arrogant buggers budge, that those pontificating blowhards have had their cherished illusions of every-body-in-India’s-borders-is-happy-to-be-there shattered, that a hubris has been laid low, is a thing of beauty, a joy sublime. And apparently Indian women are immune to South Asian ego syndrome. Praise the lord and pass the street ammunition.

Azad Kashmir Zindabad

Ay Kashmir kay Bahadur Bhaiyon, Bhenon aur Pyare, Pyare Bachon,

Tuj Ko Mera Salam


anoop said...

So, what are you advocating? Independence for Kashmir? Or, more autonomy? Or, merger with Pakistan?

If you say let the Kashmiris decide they will decide Independence. But, Kashmir is a land-locked area. It has to be under the influence of either India or Pakistan.

What am I saying. Kashmir has a better chance of getting hit by a Alien space ship than get to decide partition India again on Religious lines.

TLW said...

Hey Anoop. Long time no samundar!

What I'm saying is Salam to the brave kids of Kashmir.

What I also see is the same behaviour we had against Musharraf, replicated in Kashmir.

And speaking of Mush, didn't he throw five different autonomy packages India's way?

And if you don't like those five, invent a sixth!

Anything to placate the kids on the streets, because I can tell you this, the status quo cannot stand in Pakistan, and it can't stand in Kashmir.

Something will have to give. The better of the five 'stans show us how landlocked countries can eventually come into their own.

anoop said...


I agree. The autonomy mentioned as per Article 370 in our constitution should be implemented in letter.

The agreement put forward by Mush were brave. I agree that borders should be made irrelevant.

The status quo can continue for a long time. Pakistan's stand doesn't matter. Kashmiri people's does certainly. But, more importantly its important what the rest of India feels about it.

I agree that Autonomy way is the right way to go.