Thursday, September 23, 2010

The US Has An Elite Unit of 3,000 Afghans That Has Covertly Entered Pakistan as Well, and Obama May Want to Weaken Pakistan

Yawn. They would've done something like this. My reaction is "So What?" Nine years and all you have is 3000 men? When the Soviet Union had the entire Democratic Republic of Afghanistan's Communist Army on our heads during the 1980's, mixed in with the Soviet Red Army? Bah. Athar Abbas is no Baghdad Bob (that would be Rehman Malik). He got the phrase right for anyone who enters Pakistan when we don't want them, "Anyone found doing so will be fired upon". Indeed.

As for the whole idea of sovereignity, please. The border on the FATA area is porous. The Americans should mine it if they want to stop anything. And, I would like to [sarcasm] congratulate America on their standards of information security [/sarcasm]. They've done a better job undermining their own military security than wikileaks. Who indeed talks to that ancient tool, Bob fucking Woodward in this day and age? Who cares about this old geriatric's opinion? Washington tools, that's who.

And as for this "elite" unit, thanks Woodward and Obama White House. Now Pakistani intelligence and the religious militants (maybe in conjunction, maybe separately) will start trying to gather their names, and eventually hunt and kill these people. Pakistan caused the ripping apart of the Afghan Communist Army. If there is a dedicated unit that enters Pakistan, it is very likely that it will not be shown any mercy, either in Pakistan or Southern and Eastern Afghanistan.

And as for Obama's analysis, this is what he thinks about "victory" in Afghanistan:

"He didn't think about the Afghan war in the "classic" terms of the United States winning or losing. "I think about it more in terms of: Do you successfully prosecute a strategy that results in the country being stronger rather than weaker at the end?" he said."

So my guess is that he wants to leave Afghanistan stronger off and Pakistan weaker off? I don't know if he's getting what he wants in Afghanistan, but he sure as hell is leaving Pakistan weaker off.

Especially when around the time of the 2009 South Waziristan operation he used phrases like "The Cancer is in Pakistan". Cancer? What, is the president of the United States suddenly Anonymous? Sheesh, Obama is such a troll.

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