Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What`s Been up With The News`s Website?

I've been wondering what's been the situation with The News's website, ever since Jang groups electronic assets were forced off the air for going apeshit over Zardari's not being in Pakistan during the floods. After the pipliya's (diehard PPP supporters) burnt copies of Jang and The News, and forced cable operators to stop running Geo TV, what scared Jang group into letting their website go offline for a week or so? Were they threatened by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) or did they just do so in a fit of panic?

The opinion archives, which I used to read people like Zaka and Ayaz Amir, amongst The News's more "exotic" selection, is unavailable, and only one op ed piece ever appears. Will The News please leave this strange Java dependent design they have and go back to their old pre-July HTML website, with if necessary a sturdier security arrangement?

We need The News website in working condition again.

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