Friday, October 15, 2010

Bring me the Head of Qari Hussain Ahmed

And then I will believe he's dead. I always wanted to use that headline, after all, just three weeks back I wrote a post asking why this trainer of murderous children (i., adolescent suicide bombers) wasn't dead yet, but lo and behold, my prayers may just have been answered.

I wrote that post in frustration over a bit of trivia that came out after the murder of Imran Farooq (a man instrumental in shaping the present day MQM) in London, that he had been in hiding for seven years, of all places, in Karachi, especially whilst a major operation was going on to search for him. News like that set off alarm bells, especially in relation to the current game of hide and seek being played by leaders of various Islamist groups.

The other reason was the only substantive article I found on Qari Hussain Ahmed when I was trying to research this very strange man. It emerged that this strange man, was a strange boy. Qari Hussain Ahmed Mehsud was by his own admission, born on 8th December 1988.

He began his career hating Shias as a teenager, had gone to Karachi for religious training in a madrassa called Jamia Farooqia, and had risen in stature as the trainer of suicide bombers.

As the article was written, it must have been typed in the shadow of the GHQ attack (October 2009), the assault on South Waziristan (November 2009), and under the pall of the Parade Lane massacre (December 2009). The massacre at the Parade Lane mosque, where serving officers of the Pakistan Army herded out the kids of their fellow officers, and ended up killed in their stead, was the last memorable terror attack of 2009, and it seemed to color the writing of this piece on Qari Hussain Ahmed Mehsud. The darkness that is this young man who trained teenagers and children to become suicide bombers shrouded every paragraph with a gloom proclaiming death.

I did not mention this piece, earlier (around the time of the Lahore Yaum-e-Ali attacks) because at a very dark time, with the floods, and everything else that goes on in Pakistan, this piece, which would be essentially retrospective, seemed to capture a dark mood that struck me as downright terminal. It would obviously be the last paragraph of that write up on Qari Hussain Ahmed Mehsud:

Qari Hussain is still a young man but the position he enjoys amongst the militant leadership is very high; people much older could hardly reach such a position. He is becoming more dangerous with each passing day. The question is for how long he will survive. If he is able to celebrate even another two or three birthday, many people would have to mark the death anniversary of their near and dear ones, instead of marking their birthday.

And now he may dead.

So we have retribution attacks killing five Pakistani soldiers.

And we move one step back from the brink, one step back from the edge, one step back from the end of the article to the second last paragraph where it says:

During a recent telephonic interaction with this scribe, Qari Hussain said that his fighters are coming with a new strategy of attacking the main leaderships of the country. Referring to recent news about the head of the TTP, he said, “People have celebrated the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud but we will turn their temporary joy into long-lasting tragedies; we are coming with a new strategy of attacking the big politicians of the country”, Qari Hussain added.

And now strangely, we have this

Seven Militants Held in Bahawalpur for Planning Attacks on PM

So it's whackamole. We kill Head Death Eater No 2, Ustad-e-Fidayeen (Grand Instructor of the Suicide Bombers) Qari Hussain Ahmed, but we find his satanic little plans are still in motion.

And the beat goes on.

Actually, a band called "The Fall" would be more appropriate.

Especially from an album called "Your Future, Our Clutter". Maybe that's what Zia thought. Qari Hussain Ahmed, please be "Bury"ed Part 2 + 4, in hell.


Shahid said...

Sorry to disturb the celebration going on, but he might have survived.

Flash Point is a fairly good open-intel source and this guy has had a dozen deaths already so we cannot be sure.

Also, Christine Fair called him a chutiya on twitter today and that just made my day.

TLW said...

Yeah, I saw the flashpoint tweet, it was parroted by this nationalistic Indian, but I only saw Intelli-tweets (aka report he's still alive through this Laith Alkhouri guy. I can assure you, it was halfway through typing this up, and it's hardly a celebratory blog post ;-). I googled around for Laith's work to be picked up, but nobody else seems to have corroborated it. I hope he's wrong, but if he is, I'll write some correction for the parts where I sound "celebratory". For now, I'm tired, I just typed up something on a dead Baloch leader and that's something I had been meaning to get to. I did it, but now I feel like I should turn in for the night 'cause where I am, it's late. Could you retweet that blog post please, cause nobody's noticed our establishment has killed like ten Baloch leaders in the last three months.