Saturday, October 30, 2010

Four People Shot Dead in Quetta Sectarian Killings

A random act of sectarian violence happened in Quetta. You want an answer why there's been a sudden sprouting of sectarian murder in Quetta since the US invasion? Here's your answer:

It's not just the Afghan Taliban using Quetta for R & R (rest and recreation), it's also the attraction that poses to sect-ually motivated murderers (I'm sorry organisations) within Pakistan. They come and meet up with their idols, the Afghan Taliban, some locals from the city's Shia community accidentally run afoul of these random wackos, and the next thing you know, bad attitude mixes with sectarian prejudice and the situation explodes into an incident like this.


Shahid said...

SSP's first killings after a long break where in Quetta last April (3 Shia businessmen)

TLW said...

I get the feeling there were some Ashura attacks in Quetta over the last decade as well. The target killing of businessmen I believe, you are right, started only a few years back.