Saturday, October 30, 2010

On Orakzai and the Killing of the Third Tier Leadership

First, Monsieur Rehman Malik:

They may have broken the terrorists back by eliminating the third tier leadership, but the head is still intact, with the government only accidentally kill the leadership. It is this leadership that is forging a strategic alliance with the urban based sectarian terrorists to kill Pakistanis. The TTP is offering military strength training and suicide bombers to the sectarian terrorists, as the Interior Minister said. However when the government "clears" an area, I have a feeling it ends up fighting the locally recruited fighters, a thrid tier of leadership, whilst the first and second tier either fight sporadically or run for a new set of hills. The people left behind fighting were supposed to be the Taliban's "local" recruiters. They either get killed or end up running. Which brings us to our next clip.

A government sponsored embed of Express Tribune/Express 24/7 reporters into Orakzai.

Now this news item from Dawn, where the military reports to the newspaper (as opposed to the newspaper finding out itself) that 12 militants were killed, when THEY assaulted the military, whilst one member of the security forces was killed in a remote control bomb attack on a convoy. So the army retaliates by "pounding" some "militant" "hideout" where twelve people are supposed to be killed.

By now the realisation must have dawned, that whatever the people in the government say, is not completely and totally close to the truth. They try to be factually correct, but at times may even disregard that; leaving out certain strategic calculations that they made and haven't spoken publicly to anyone about.

Now read what Farhat Taj (not from the government) has to say on the state of our "victory" in Orkazai, although I don't think its all civilians killed in Pakistan Army-Taliban crossfire. The point about commanders escaping is valid even though I think she goes out of the way to present an ultra Pakhtun nationalist viewpoint just to annoy people. The new generation of militants needs to be eliminated though, not the way the Pakistan military does it; but the entire leadership of the TTP and the sectarian groups. Problem is that the military still wishes to preserve some of the "active" groups. How to convince the military that these people are better off dead, or in a prison dungeon for the rest of their lives is a problem that the people of Pakistan and their government have to solve.

Let that all cook in your mind whilst you contemplate who gets killed (besides civilians) in these fights in FATA, and why our military kills the local schmucks of each district, but leaves the powerful Taliban commanders alone.

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