Thursday, October 7, 2010

The September 11 / Al Qaeda Technique: Psychological Warfare

So they attacked Abdullah Shah Ghazi. The idiots couldn`t even get inside the main entrance of the shrine, blowing themselves at the line at the metal detectors. Fucking death eaters.

Anyway, the latest number is 10 dead, 15 injured as per the LA Times. As my headline says, these types of attacks are more an act of psychological warfare than a demonstration of actual support. The obvious purpose is to shock, scare and psychologically immobilise the populace, (in military terms, I believe psy-war is intended to immobilise the command and control structure of a military). I don't know how much an attack on Absullah Shah Ghazi will effect the violence jaded citizens of Karachi, even those who regularly visit Abdullah Shah Ghazi. The shock aspect of perpetrated psychological warfare lost its effect on a lot of Karachi-ites decades ago. And one suicide bomber on Abdullah Shah Ghazi must mean that there are units of these banned outfits hiding out in Karachi amongst it's 17,000,000 citizens.

We can sadly say though that psychological warfare has succeeded, in the strictly military sense against the "Command and Control" of Sindh province. Zulfikar Mirza, if the LA Times is to be believed, has asked all shrines in Sindh to be closed for the next three months. This is wrong. Security measures did not fail, intelligence and investigation did. The tactical security went through fine (and yes I realise there is a contradiction here, as people have been killed) because the bomber blew themselves at the main gate, at the bottom of the hill/stairs that lead to the main Mazaar (shrine) building. The failure, I assume, would be one of intelligence or pre-mediating the possibility of an attack. This is not Minority Report territory here, so what I mean is that no credible report of a terrorist threat came through. There'll always be a swirl of terrorist threats around Pakistan, but how about looking into why intelligence fails in this megalopolis of a city? We all remember Mullah Baradar was not captured in Khi because he was Mullah Baradar, but because there was some swirl of news within the US-Pak Intel nexus in the city that "some" high ranking Taliban person was in these Karachi neighbourhoods.

Dr Mirza, may we recommend that you call of this pointless closure, an open display of weakness against bullies? Karachi traffic claims as many people on a daily basis, and people do not stop driving.

May we recommend sir that you focus on investigation, and look into who`s providing safehouses or even training for suicide bombers in Karachi. You can call in the ISI. They've been burned too.

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