Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks to Shahid and Christine Fair for Leading me to the Daily Times Little Act of Plagiarism

The Daily Times article in question is this one.

Shahid Saeed recommended I check out Christine Fair's twitter page. And a shout out to Christine for these three tweets that made my day/led me to the Daily Times, less than sound recommendation practises.

1) Go Drones! This savage chutiya bites the dust! TTP’s Qari Hussain kiled in drone attack: Reports – The Express Tribune

Guilty as sin. The Un-Attributed Aafia Siddiqui Daily Times Article

Thanks Dog! Pakisan is the most stable instability on earth! Is Pakistan falling apart?

Thanks Shahid. And Thank you Christine.


Shahid said...

Talk to Ali K Chishti. He has written the Afia article.

TLW said...

I didn't see his name but thanks, I will.