Monday, November 8, 2010

Ayaz Amir talks about a bankruptcy of ideas. Here's a new idea; Admit That There Are Long Wars All Over This Country, and Begin Talking About Them

Because there's a very good reason I have a blog I registered 10 months ago called These Long Wars. Because there are fucking LONG WARS, and THESE WARS have been going on forever. The sectarian battles and the criminality of the militants who fight them; the suicide bomb trainer and his unattacked bases (we have fucking jets don't we? and we fucking bombed Bugti? and that too by motherfucking accident?); the tinderbox of Karachi and how the MQM, ANP and local PPP have criminal connections; the robber barons of sugar who wage class war (Rs 100 for ONE kilogram of sugar??? If I were in Pakistan I would be screaming bloody murder!!!!), a Baloch Lashkar for every division of Balochistan, the total ignoring of every law in the land by everyone in the land, the district level warlords we call feudals, the forever war of Civil-military conflict, the propaganda sprinkling by the intelligence services, the ever spiralling population of 180,000,000, soon to be 190 million, and this run on sentence having even further to go but the rules of grammar insisting it stop.

These Are Long Wars. They Have Been Fought For Half A Century or More. Admit That We Are Residents of A Land of Perennial Conflict. A Place That Has Not Known Peace Without Some Rebellion At One Time Or Another, That We Are Not "Essentially Peaceful".

We are killers, we are fighters and we make WAR. A weapon has not crossed our eyes, from the talwar to the thermonuclear bomb, that we did not see, did not like, and did not acquire. THIS is what we looked like when we went to guerrilla war BEFORE the AfPak Kalashnikov revolution of 1979:

Sher Muhammad Marri aka Shero Marri aka General Sheroff aka Balls on Legs, Wearing Sunglasses & a Bandolier
Pictured Either During the 3rd Baloch Uprising (1963-1969) or the 4th Baloch Uprising (1973-1977) Either Way Son - This is How They Did It Before Kalashnikovs And You Had to Be A Man To Pull It Off

We are Sindhi, and the flag of our separatist movement/independent state, has an axe in it.
We are Baloch, and we are renowned as mountain desert guerrillas.
We are Punjabi, and we were the sword arm of the British Empire not just in British India, but across the planet.
We are Pathan. Ask the British, the Macedonians, the ex-Warsaw Pact and NATO.
And we are the Mohajirs of India. Who fucked the entire Hindu population of the subcontinent by having the idea of "Pakistan" lying around, so that once the Muslims and the Hindus went at each others throats, after the Nazis and Japanese had worn the Brits down, those limey motherfuckers would cut up the country and fucking run.

From Acceptance of The Central Thesis, of Multiple Long Wars; It'll All Make Sense. And Then The Process Of Solving That And Many Other Problems Can Begin.


Shahid said...

Awesome on Mohajirs.

Once talking to somebody who had fought in the 74-77 Baloch conflict, he narrated a story that one of the smaller tribes that came to fight with the military were on horses and had swords and only a couple of them had muskets. They thought they were fighting the British Army and had to be convinced that Pakistan has been created and it's the land of the pure. Upon being questioned that their lack of beards symbolized non-muslimness, the unit was ordered to set up a mosque with a ton of loudspeakers and shaving was banned.

TLW said...

They thought they were fighting the British Army and had to be convinced that Pakistan has been created and it's the land of the pure

Scary. I would reply education, but there is only so far you can go with that argument in a change resistant environment. I am wondering when that picture I have was taken from. I have very rarely seen so much badassery in one collection of individuals. Along with General Fazl-e-Haq, General Sheroff (Sher Muhammad Marri) who died in exile in Mumbai 1993, might be one of those very enigmatic people from our history who need to be rescued.

on Mohajirs

It's kind of scary, but that might be the only explanation on why Pakistan (East and West), were created. Bengali Muslim nationalism providing the populist support, and a confederacy of districts in West Pakistan agreeing to accede to the idea.