Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baloch Hal Banned Inside Pakistan - WTF Government of Pakistan?

The Baloch Hal website was banned inside Pakistan, and can't be viewed inside Pakistan. This is disgusting and just makes me angry. Haven't those choots in the PTA (or in the army or whoever in the establishment ordered the blockage) heard of internet proxies?

Here's one:

Just type into the url and you're connected to the Baloch Hal. Pakistan

As for the government of Pakistan (or whoever has the authority to ban or unban sites in Pakistan), please kindly leave the Baloch Hal alone, and if you want a collection of hate sites to ban, ban the hateful ones from this article. There's a reason I link to Baloch Hal, and that it delivers the truth. I would rather hear the painful details of whatever happens in Pakistan, from one of my fellow citizens, rather than have the story trickle out through foreign journalists (as these stories inevitably do) and be lectured back by someone who isn't going to be living with the aftermath.

In the meantime, leave the Baloch Hal alone.

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