Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't Recruit More Soldiers into that 650,000 Man Military - Do Recruit More Policemen And Pay Them Better

As opposed to employing more soldiers. I don't know what the total number of policemen in Pakistan is, but I do remember it being quoted in Descent into Chaos as some ridiculously low number like 500,000.

We need more policemen; trained to first world standards. They are whats important.

If you want to increase defence spending, divert that money instead to police training. More Pakistanis get killed every year by other Pakistanis, as opposed to "Indians", Americans, or Zionists. Or Afghans for that matter.


Shahid said...

Official figure is somewhat near 500,000 but if we include reserve forces (constabulary) then it crosses that number. Karachi has a very low police per capita ratio, otherwise it's somewhat okay (a bit on the lower side but okay). Problem is that 1/4 of them are entirely dedicated to protocol duties. Elite Police in Pindi is something like 900 (they contribute personnel to Islamabad as well - another example of Isb eats on others) and only around 70 of them are not on guard/protocol duties.

TLW said...

Somebody recommended that we establish separate VIP protection forces, and I think I agree on that.

But more important than that is I think freezing the number of soldiers in this military, because it was easy for the military to take over in 20 year period from the seventies to the nineties because Pakistan had such a high soldier to civilian ration. Now the population has exploded, soldiers cannot control the entire country, so there should be no need for the military to try to catch up with the population of Pakistan. If there is a dire need for more security, the new recruitment should be in police.

Alpha Za said...

or just move them from the army to the police.