Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finished - Ghost Wars by Steve Coll

Somebody was right, there were a few opportunities to take Bin Ladin out during the Clinton administration, but that was a different, less American-interventionist time than now. It explains their new found love for drone strikes and it covers the rise of the Predator pre-Hellfire missile. I was disappointed by no mention whatsoever of Junejo, electoral manipulation(s) in Pakistan, the insane amount of unrest in Karachi and that violence's role in bringing down a few governments in the nineties. Also the way he pussyfooted around the Bush administrations errors of omission and commission was a bit annoying towards the end. But hey, what can be said, the man works in Washington, and the way our reporters are afraid to openly abuse the permanent elite of the Pakistani security state, he is careful about choosing his words when criticising the permanent elite of Washington.

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