Sunday, November 21, 2010

If You Bomb Quetta, They'll Move To Karachi - By The Time You're Bombing Karachi, It's World War III

The Afghan Taliban
High Command,
Moves From FATA
Into Balochistan.

So the US in Afghanistan can feel it`s penis shrinking and wants to bomb Quetta in Pakistan.

But, surprise, surprise, the government of Pakistan declines to fluff Uncle Sam, and says
"No. Not this far up, you Rand".

Who would expect the abused mistress, that is the Government of Pakistan, to stand up at this?

The Beginnings of the US-Pak Relationship in the 1950's: Source (An Amateurish Graphic Design Project)

Is the point of this to drive the Pakistani people crazier than they are already becoming? Beyond that, we are the ones who will have to kill the religious freaks.


Anonymous said...

I loved this.

TLW said...


The animation I presume?

Anonymous said...

The entire post.