Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Post on British Propaganda During the Irish Revolution

Surprise, surprise, the Daily Mail was involved in propaganda against the Irish during their revolution against the British. Who is surprised, that the British press has continued a tradition of alarmism, spin and fear alive today? Rupert Murdoch imported the idea of a hyper-partisan news source from the British press. This article mentions how propaganda and psy-war material (to demoralise the enemy and to raise moral on their own side) was used by the British against the Irish rebels of 1919-1921. Considering the British have recently been involved in propaganda this decade against those opposing the banks in England and against Iraq, and historically in South Asia, it should come as no surprised that racist anti-Irish screeds slowly entered the historical record as primary sources. This also leads to what is happening in Pakistan today;

1) Pakistani intelligence is using psy-war techniques against and through the local press, especially against politicians.

2) The style of allegations, of the enemy being one way whilst actually carrying out that heinous action on your own. The British accuse the Irish partisans of being sectarian, whilst encouraging Protestant sectarians of their own so that they can paint the Irish rebels as Catholic Irish only. The Pakistan military claims that it is the "feudal" sardars who were keeping the province backward, whilst encouraging sardars of their own, AND taking a regressive and/or simplistic resource based view of the province of Balochistan.

3) The divide and conquer, or controlled chaos, style of the British is being deployed by the Pakistan military against political opponents. It has successfully been applied to Karachi and urban Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's progressive faction (the ANP) is in a desperate war with the Taliban, and the recent admission of an Intelligence Bureau officer posted in Balochistan this decade, was that his job create conflict between tribes. There you have the source of the title of this blog. These Long Wars. Engendered by the Pakistan Military Establishment.

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