Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shahid Saeed Forever

Reader and friend of the blog, Shahid Saeed, has written an excellent and beautiful piece on Baloch nationalism. Incorporating the rise of the Dr Allah Nazir Baloch, the recent banning of the Baloch Hal (whilst mentioning the open existence of extremist websites) and reitirating the case of the attempted murder of a recruiting Omani Colonel in Pakistan during the Dhofar rebellion, this is an excellent piece.
Shahid bhai also makes an appeal to the Baloch rebels to come in from the cold, whilst never letting up on the Pakistani authorities for being cruel to the Baloch. He reitirates that Pakistan cannot maintain an "iron grip" on Balochistan, whilst asking as Umair Javed did at the end of his piece on the Baloch, that the state of Pakistan will have to think "outside the box".

I'm glad talking on twitter and blogging have some impact. Maybe I'll come out of the cold, myself, one day.

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Shahid said...

Thanks yaar. One sentence was taken from UJ - with due permission and therefore seems similar. You should come to twitter openly now.