Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Tragedy of the Less Exploitable Political Martyrs

I don't know what political party Umair Javed, of Recycled Thoughts fame belongs to (maybe the People's Rights Movement?) but this was an awesome statement:

The tragedy, however, is that we only have 2 martyrs compared to a few hundred for the PPP and a few thousand for the Army.

It shows the kind of demi-religious reverence Pakistanis kind off hold for those who die in the way of a cause whether it be democratic/social (the PPP) or nationalistic (the Army). All one has to do is witness the public display of emotion over remembrances of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto or Benazir's death. Or the public way the Pakistan military's Inter Services Public Relations embraces all those who die serving in the army, in our current conflicts.

This particular statement might have been in reference to Hasan Nasir, a progressive, and some time Communist, who`s death anniversary just passed by on November 13th. The name rang a bell because Tariq Ali referenced that name once in the Pakistan part of his book "Street Fighting Years". This statement was made in reference to a reposted book review did on a book called Hasan Nasir Ki Shahadat (The Martyrdom of Hasan Nasir). Fahad Desmukh found these very nice PTV tribute programs, on the occasion of Mr Hasan Nasir's death anniversary. If you like a bit of Faiz's poetry and can understand Urdu/Hindi, have a watch. Cutely enough, they're posted by someone called communistpak.

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