Friday, November 5, 2010

What, You Thought the Journalists Would be Left Out of It?

The Express Tribune just published the list of Pakistani journalists receiving land plots in the journalists "housing scheme" in Islamabad. Can you spell legalised corruption?

Creating land hunger is a time honoured way of welcoming somebody into the outer layers of the Pakistani establishment. I was ashamed to say I only recognised Nazir Naji's name from the list. These must all be Urdu language reporters. I guess the government must be buying off the senior level Urdu journalists then? Or Express Tribune is sitting on the list of English journalists. LOL.

Sadly this shows that the government has no real interest in controlling English journalism, because it knows what language the voters communicate in. And this legalised corruption (and they are literally corrupting these journalists, as they will with the judges land allocation and that of the lawyers land colony, too) must be something the journalists may be surprised at. They're a bunch of middle aged mediocrities (if they're middle aged, and in Urdu, they might've had to kiss a lot asses) but they've certainly made good in life. The system is so corrupt that journalists are a threat to it and have to bought off. LOL. The ethical thing would be to refuse these land grants, but come on, these are Pakistani Urdu journalists (an astute commentator asked how many were Sindhi, Baluchi, Seraiki or Pushto language reporters); they'll probably spin some metaphor about how the Mughals rewarded their favourite poets with land and try to bullshit through. Except Pakistan isn't a Mughal Sultanate, technically it's supposed to be a federal republic; y'know democracy and all that. And they're not supposed to be court poets, they're supposed to be journalists, a check on power. So would it be fair to expect our gallant vernacular press to stop bitching and sniping about corruption when they're entering the sleaze pool, toes first? Don't hold your breath. But while we wait for miracles, here's the list of the jackasses (I mean reporters) given plots in the federal capital in line with a two per cent quota of all land in G-13 and G-14 sectors of Islamabad. Enjoy.


Shahid said...

I think you missed the posts on plots/corruption from journalists' side which pkpolitics did some years ago.

Anyways, The News also published a report - this time of 11 journalists given plots. Guess what? Rauf Klasra is in there. Sweet revenge, eh?

Klasra has many-a-plot already in Islamabad as claimed by pkpolitics.

Shahid said...

Ah, crap. Link is

TLW said...

You're right that this story is old, but since it reappeared in the newspapers, I thought it would be a good idea to rehash how far and wide legalised corruption has spread in Pakistan. The journalists who pretend to be angels aren't really that pure themselves.

A Generals+Journalists corruption story combo is intended to break the stereotype of only politicians in this country as corrupt.