Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why We Blog

Some people have asked this question over the course of the last few months why Pakistani kids, teens and youth have taken up blogging furiously. Well aside from the obvious floods, there was a sudden uptick this year when a certain event happened in Lahore. A relativelyinteresting event in which any thinking Pakistani felt implicitly complicit. What a phrase.

Too many scenes worthy of action movies from Pakistan over the last few years.

Too many opportunities to take combat calibre photoes in Pakistan

The attacks on the Ahmedi Mosques at Garhi Shahu and Model Town in Lahore. The attacks on Garhi Shahu and Model Town were also on rich, wealthy people. Before anybody jumps in and calls the Punjabi Taliban a "class" action, I would say fuck you. The Punjabi Taliban (basically, the Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi) are anti-public forces that aim to keep people from fighting in favour of their class rights. The "class" aspect of the anti-persecution feelings are due to the fact that the victims of the Garhi Shahu attack were from the same socio-economic class as the English language bloggers and tweeters of Pakistan. These attacks were on people they were likely to be in interaction with, and likely to NOT be prejudiced against, because as per their socio-economic class, they English Language bloggers were not educated in the government school system, with its prejudices, but in the relatively modern (and not overtly ideological) private school system. Idealistically speaking, every child in Pakistan deserves the same education these English speaking bloggers were fortunate enough to receive.

However, it does run deeper. Anybody with a conscience over the age of 18, remembers getting their NIC (National Identity Card) and signing the part where it essentially repudiates Ahmedis (aka Qadianis) by making us say anyone who disputes the Prophets finality is a non Muslim and because we sign this piece of paper agreeing to that we are Muslims. Every Pakistani over 18 has signed that paper, every Pakistani who writes in English has a blog and every Pakistani over 18 is complicit in condemning an entire community, that thinks of itself as Muslim, as non-Muslim, in a state that defines itself as being ideologically "under Islam". So we all took part, all those tens of millions of us with NIC's, in our little way of condemning the Ahmadis. Then there's only one way to get past that then; to raise our voices and say "No More". This condemnation of the Ahmadis ends here and now. Those who are kids today don't want anything to do with this bigoted, abusive crap from the past, where ordinary people are implicit in the crime of persecution.

That's why you see so many blogs popping up, or ramping up their voices. That is why you see all these blogs, and twitter feeds, going up, and going out and raising their voice on all that is happening in Pakistan. This is why we blog.

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