Saturday, December 4, 2010

Backgrounder - Journeyman Has a Docu' on Wikileaks - Meanwhile the Indo-Pak Cyber War Rages

I have updated the "Raw News" sidebar with the new web address of Wikileaks; . All power to them. I would also appreciate if more people went to more of the sites I have listed under Raw News.

An excellent introduction to Julian Assange. Journeyman pictures does very professional, somewhat informative, sometimes enlightening, quickie-documentaries on whatever is in the news. The problem with them is that they have a fearful, ultra-urgent edge, which leaves the viewer feeling not-very empowered. That was at least the tone of their documentaries whenever they did them on Pakistan. This focus on delivering urgency without agency made them the opposite of Wikileaks. Which, whilst focusing on Julian Assange, was the subject of their documentary.

It is a must watch, just for the history it recounts, of Julian Assange, from his hacking days, through the foundation of wikileaks, the support they received in Iceland for some documents they published on banks that were responsible for Iceland's economic collapse. An Icelandic television journalist's support is watched, in connecting the Wikileaks crew with the families and social networks in Iraq that had their members gunned down in the Collateral Murder video, onto what can be described as the duplicity of some members of the mainstream US press, where they sat on the Collateral Murder video, on to video of a very obviously mentally diseased Adrian Lamo speaking in defence of his own whistle blowing of Bradley Manning. Mr Lamo before this, had been in trouble with US authorities for his own internet related criminal misdemeanours.

Journeyman made another documentary, in the summer just before, the release of the Afghan War Logs, when he came to the UK, where he was worried about the Australian government complying with the US and handing him over to Uncle Sam. If you enjoyed Cafe Pyala's 2 minute Video of the Day, the 10 second time sequence will be enough for you to love this documentary. This is the sequence of combat events in Afghanistan compiled by Wikileaks, presented to Journeyman documentaries. Just to watch the Afghan territory south of the Kurram parrot's beak, immediately West of Waziristan, turn yellow with thumbtacks - wow it puts things in perspective for a Pakistani.

Watching all this that I had tracked for so long fleshed out is amazing, and is to an extent a credit to Journeyman's ability to churn out quickie docs. Remember, no mention is made of the Iraq War Logs, the Afghan War Logs, or the latest Cablegate document release. There have now been FOUR major expose`s that can be credited to Wikileaks. Julian Assange, a hacker, is now amongst the ranks of Che Guevara and Osama Bin Ladin, of infamous, successful insurgents who defied the foreign policy of the United States. His libertarian, ultra-capitalist ideology has distinguished him in the field of cyber warfare.

And speaking of cyber warfare. There`s a cute little cyber feud going around Pakistani and Indian websites. Pakistan made the mistake of hosting 36 government websites on one server, which were hacked and defaced by a group of Indians around the time of memorial for the Bombay attacks. In response a group of Pakistani hackers shot back and defaced 200 websites from India. The problem is that only one of these was a government website, the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation. The rest were civilian, dare I say, "collateral" damage. LOL's aside, the Indians got the drop on the Pakistani's because the government made the mistake of hosting so many websites on one server. The only effective Paki response was the one where they broke into the Indian Central Bureau of Investigations website. One server for one? Ah fuck it, the Indians got the drop with 36 websites gone (some like the National Accountability Bureau are still down, whilst others are back up), but hopefully lesson learned. As for the the brewing "Cyber War", I'm just popping the popcorn, and watching the LUL'Z fly by. Epic Lulz.

And now to tie these two separate topics together, here is India's Prannoy Roy speaking to Julian Assange. About Pakistan.

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