Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Internet Waged War on Power Itself - Stephane Peray on Wikileaks

The US`s response to Wikileaks (informing it`s own employees that they couldn`t access the website) meant that US information policy had dropped to the level of China. The impression was created that the US cared more for power than for truth. It will take many years for that impression to be forgotten. For now we have Stephane Peray's interpretation of Wikileaks. Stephane Peray's cartoons were something I used to enjoy when they appeared in the international pages of Dawn. From 2002, till somewhere around 2005, this Western cartoonist based in Thailand would make you laugh at the absurdities of the news. Most of these Wikileaks cartoons date to the time of the Afghan War Log leaks, but they still seem appropriate.

Julian Assange should be grateful that he isn't in the hands of Pakistani intelligence. This XKCD cartoon is what is running through Pakistani government officials' minds when they think of domestic versions of Wikileakers.

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