Friday, December 31, 2010

Is the US about to Partition the Internet for It's Own People?

In the meantime, the United States is bifurcating, at least, it`s own internet, and we will have to wait and see if these sort of Soviet American tactics are spread to the rest of the world. Here is Fatima Bhutto`s epaper on the topic of the Federal Communications Commission`s decision to allow different speeds for different users. The new "cheaper", pay-per-page web experience with extra charges for Facebook, Skype, etc. In response to this corporate/government assault on people's information will people form and join Pirate Parties? Or will cheap people (A-sometimes-KA Desi's) be forced to hobble together our own decentralized "mesh network" ISPs out of living room routers and roof-mounted antennas?
It could be possible. I've already seen this done before in university campuses with a famous system called DC++.It allowed people to download insane quantities (like a few gig's worth) of songs and movies, leaving the regular university internet system, untouched from massive file downloading. But make no mistake about it, ISP's and media companies are willing to fight and kill to keep their monopolies going by cutting the internet as it currently exists. As capitalism and greed destroyed the real estate market, now the Machine that feeds on profiting from gigantic greed will turn to cutting up the remaining resource pool available. The free internet is part of it.

The big question will be, what difference will it make to the internet outside the US if the US partitions speeds? Will other country's internet's go down the same route? Or will those countries that enshrine net neutrality continue to allow their citizens to access an open and neutral internet. We shall see.

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