Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now You Have the US Embassy in Islamabad being Somehow the Spokesperson for the Most Clandestine Unit of the US Military? - Jeremy Scahill

I ROTFLMAO'ed when I heard it. Long live Jeremy Scahill. Blackwater is bandied about by irresponsible, lazy and bigotted members of Pakistan's press to cover for when Muslim militants actually kill Pakistanis. My old analysis on Blackwater only happened when there was a REAL report on the Blackwater (now Xe)/JSOC combine, in Pakistan by Jeremy Scahill in the Nation magazine. And it's been quiet on the Blackwater front since then because, well, they're a secretive unit, they try not to put out press releases on their Pakistan ops. Well, Wikileak's Cablegate has blown the lid of that, sending Xe/Blackwater/JSOC's reputation into a real tizzy.

Jeremy Scahill sahab updates in the Nation with an article now called The (Not So) Secret (Anymore) US War in Pakistan.

The quote in the title is taken from a Democracy Now interview Mr Scahill does with Ms Amy Goodman and Mr Juan Gonzalez. He describes how he out of the blue received a phone call from a member of Admiral Mike Mullen's office because of his first Nation article last year on Blackwater. That would be the equivalent of a Pakistani journalist receiving an out of the blue call from the Chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Naval Staff, or the Joint Chief of Staff Shamim Wynne's office on some random security related article that was written. Scahill tries to receive a confirmation or a denial on his Nation piece. The spokes-officer is non-committal. My guess is that some Pakistani (security) official (or maybe a reporter) must have bought up this article with the US embassy.

The US State Department was asked about last year's Nation story on Blackwater and it stupidly referred to the US embassy in Pakistan. Then you have the result where the US embassy in Islamabad issued a denial on the Most Clandestine Unit of the US Military.

It appears from the levity of his attitude that Mr Scahill has been infected with the Pakistani/Punjabi habit of making a joke out of some really, really grim situations. All power to him.

I am willing to bet there must have been some Pakistani involved somewhere. Maybe it was the soldiers or officers deployed with JSOC who must have made some remark, and maybe some intelligence or civilian person inquired. That is probably what led to an eventual secret (but obviously not anymore) apology to General Kayani from the US military.

The US military did an investigation on the ground in Pakistan and Scahill was defamed in front of the Pakistani High Command (read General Kayani) and powerful US Senators and Congressmen (along with Seymour Hersh who did a lazy assessment on the Pakistani nuclear program) as being mentally unstable. It appears that whitewashing Pakistani stupidities, and stupidities done inside Pakistan is a necessity for the projection of American power. What a stupidity.

Here is Mr Scahill speaking on Democracy Now:

In light of Cablegate it's interesting to see some of this old information rehashed, but I would like to emphasise that us Pakistani's, keeping in mind what Arif Rafiq of Pakistan Policy blog said, I think Pakistanis would be more interested in reports with a higher classification that reveal what technologies and which human assets (civilian and military) provide the U.S. with sensitive information on Pakistan.

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