Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CM Raisani Escapes a Suicide Attack, Whilst Fifty People Killed At a Tribal Group's Meeting

Maen yeh kis kay naam likhoo jo alam guzar rahay hain,
Meray shehr jal rahay hain meray loag marr rahay hain.

- Ambassador Haqqani's Tw. Feed

Actually Geo, it's 50 dead. Could be higher by today even, with people succumbing to injuries. The suicide attack was targeting a tribal meeting to resolve issues in the area. Mohmand is a Federally Administered Tribal Agency that borders Afghanistan, and has been the site of numerous battles.

More serious (with respect to the families of those who lost family yesterday), is the suicide murder attempt against the Chief Minister of Balochistan. This is insanely serious. This is an intersection of a man who has proven himself a softcore Baloch Nationalist* with Talibanism. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, as most people know, runs interception for the Taliban types where-ever possible. This is insanely serious. If this had succeeded.......the inflammation of tensions between Balochistan and the rest of Pakistan, could even have exceeded Bugti's murder. Pakistan is held together by it's electoral politcal parties and it's political elites. Target them, or allow the military or the religious fanatics to target them, or allow the military to use the religious parties to target them (as many Baloch nationalists could interprete a "successful" attack), and you have a "burn, baby burn situation".

*Good job on CM Raisani, opposing the Singaporeans running Gwadar, whilst watching out for the weird news on a Reqo Diq mining `deal`.

Postscript: Good to hear CM Raisani sounds angry. He may not get scared, but he may get even. Actions will tell, how far this goes.

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