Monday, December 6, 2010

Screen Based Civiliazation Portends Dysgenic Dystopia

Our increasing interaction with a screen-based world can see that "our thought patterns could change beyond recognition, with implications as serious as climate change in terms of human sustainability and longevity".

It's actually a very interesting attempt to look at the way that our world could change, as the saturation of screens in our world continues.

You know what I thought?


This little Mike Judge creation came out in the fall of 2006 by Fox Entertainment. I remember when it came out, but was unable to watch it because it wasn't playing in the small town I was stuck in, and was soon pulled from circulation. I guess Fox didn't like the idea of a successful movie playing of the idea of a stupider United States, possibly because the Australian Rupert Murdoch's company was contributing to this little episode of decline. And maybe the United States, and English speaking audiences didn't like that idea either, since Idiocracy has gone on to be a sleeper hit, a cult dvd, whilst the United States has elected a man known for his intelligence, and his main opposition faction is the Tea Party, a collective not known for the power of its combined IQ. Maybe that's what progressives want to do. Fight Dystopia. Fight Idiocracy.

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