Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Screw You GHQ

You make me sick:

Kurram Elders, Hold Talks with TTP, Haqqani Commanders
. [DAWN]

Here's the worst line:

Karim Mushtaq, TTP commander for Kurram and Orakzai agencies, who is associated with Fazal Saeed. Fazal Saeed carries a head money of Rs5 million.

Seriously you fucks? After all that the Taliban have done to one tribe in Kurram? After all the TTP has done to your own soldiers and officers? If the Baloch had done even a tenth of what the TTP did, they'ld be facing genocide.

You bring the fuckers from the Taliban to Islamabad, sit them the fuck down and force the tribesmen to negotiate with their killers? You people are so intellectually bankrupt it repulses me.

You drag yourself down to the level of a bully, then you force yourself on everybody, and then you humiliate them as well.

And at the end, the Taliban want passage through Kurram into Afghanistan, and will hold the Peshawar-Parachinar road hostage unless allowed otherwise. Screw them, and screw you. Those Taliban are traitors to the constitution YOU have sworn to uphold and protect, the citizens of Kurram abide by that constitution more than you, by preventing "miscreants" from using their territory to link up with other killers in Afghanistan. And the Afghans can be expected to fight their own battles on their own. We don't need our fanatics linking up with them.

I know you people were responsible for this, because your presence was the dog that didn't bark in that whole dawn article, the one entity no one even mentioned in the entire write-up.

Seriously. Screw you GHQ.

Go defend Pakistani citizens. This is no longer about Afghanistan. It's about Pakistan.

Postscript: As a citizen of Pakistan, I want to see the military establishment stick to it`s constitutional role. The military is an institution of Pakistan whose members swear an oath on the Pakistani constitution; a constitution I abide by as well. Military policy must be transferred into the hands of civilians.


M. S. Najam said...

Thank you, sir, for putting into words what we were all thinking.

"If the Baloch had done a tenth of the TTP did, they'd be facing genocide."

It's the sad truth that the army calls all the shots here in the Land of the Pure.

What's even more frightening is how military apologists decry any inkling of civilian control over army affairs. I'd like to ask them one thing: who pays for the 'boys' toys'? We, the taxpayers do.

They Army is there to serve us, not rule us. Just wish more people would understand that.

Majestickhans said...

I would agree with the blogger to some extent. It is some times imperative to sit down with your enemy and talk, until the ultimate objectives are achieved. The language used by the blogger is not permissive and has no blend of impartiality which is the basic requirement of an analyst/blogger to present facts of a story with strong argument about ground realities and then opine in a very civilized manner without cursing.