Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wikileaks's at the intersection of Journalism, Libraries, Internet Culture, Cryptography and Sweden. Why Wouldn't I Love It?

Here is a heartfelt defense of Wikileaks by Heather Mallick, and the need to learn unpleasant truths, when Wikileaks` Foes Love the Sound of Silence. Working on the addage of being hated by the right people, the second paragraph makes your chest swell with pride for Julian Assange`s organisation:

The list of the people who want Assange dead or arrested does him great credit. They include the repulsive Senator Joe Lieberman; our own casually violent Tom Flanagan, who mentored Prime Minister Stephen Harper; world leaders who are ancient, horny and corrupt (hi there, Silvio Berlusconi); tyrants like Russian PM Vladimir Putin; the American live-free-or-diers (Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Charles Krauthammer) . . . you know, intellectuals.

You Know I Was Looking For An Excuse To Use This ;-)
Because Anonymous Approves...Deeply

Now look at how wikipedia defined it`s Wikileaks discussion page:

Stay tuned...there`s more to come. A certain Bank in (of) America is currently peeing it`s pants.