Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Costs of Living in Large Democracies

If you can call Pakistan a democracy (barely), then what happened with Salman Taseer and the disgusting reaction of celebration across an influential section of Pakistani society, is one that we have to deal with. I guess this is also the cost of Cold War ideological training. The territory currently known as Pakistan doesn`t have the capital to create original ideas, it can just (barely) absorb them.

I will eventually get to this, but here is Mr Mosharraf Zaidi, trying to reach a middle ground, on the differing reactions to the Taseer assassination. And here is Mr Matt Taibbi, for his American readers, reacting to the near murder, (and surrounding massacre) of one of his country`s regional politicians. The cost of raising young mad, men and their ill formed brains whilst societally letting them have access to firearms. Sigh.

One hopes that the ever large Pakistani right wing, consisting in parliament of the MQM, PML-N, PML-Q, and further right (and outside Parliament) of the Pakistan Army, and points rightwards, can stop trying to pull down an electorally elected government before its mandated time. The path to salvation lies through letting democracy run its course, and letting elections cycle out old ugly faces for new ones. I must remind our readers, that the Westminster System, our country has currently adopted (and our military overlords, for their own survival must accept for now) showed it nearly difficult for any third party in the UK to make a real difference for periods of thirty years or so. I am surprised people don`t mention this, but until this year, the last time the Westminster system saw real coalition governments was in between World War I and World War II. It`s taken sixty plus years for the duopoly of the Labour and Conservative governments to be broken. And even then this parliament could break, just like ours nearly did. At this point it must be stressed that the Pakistani political system is the saner and better alternative than the GHQ political system, the Jamat political system, the JUI political system, or the Taliban or Al Qaeda political system. Providing mainstream oxygen for Islamo-Anarchism will kill those who do so. Whether they are in GHQ, Aabpara (ISI Headquarters) or a television studio.


Shahid Saeed said...

"GHQ political system" - haha. Awesome.

TLW said...


Thanks yaar. That was a nice post you had on the madness of tv. I've just felt tired and exhausted since last Tuesday.

Uh, since we both like hurting ourselves by discussing national security topics, you may have noticed that Qari Saifullah Akhtar's just been released.

What's the view on Saifullah types, mixing up with some Qadri`s in our military and/or nuclear establishment?

TLW said...

Oh, and how controlled by militant Islam is Pakistan's army?