Monday, January 31, 2011

Dwarfed Fantasy and Delusions of Grandeur Long Past

Is it possible to hit two sixers off one delivery? Cause Karachi Khatmal does that with every blog posting he's done.

And I do love that tagline he uses; of our country, as insufficiently imagined. The same man also said that, "It is commonly and, I believe, accurately said of Pakistan that her women are much more impressive than her men". In the spirit of this inquiry into ourselves (when it is subtly discouraged), it`s great that Umair Javed's Recycled Thought got into the act of trying to understand urban internet using Pakistan.

Karachi Khatmal once made the point that it would be the abused and downtrodden of Pakistan who would really come to its defence, in an analysis of how certain Pakistanis ravings about our nuclear weapons being stolen represented the sort of people who would gladly sell off any part of their country whilst they would continue to rave jingoistically about their own country. In light of Veena Malik's defence of her right to go on Big Brother, and her smack down of a Mufti sahab who would likely not have verbally attacked a man the way he attacked her, I think Mr Ahmer Naqvi is vindicated in saying Pakistan's intersection of gender and defense myths is nothing but a pile of Phallic Phantasies.

As for me, I'm now crazy busy moving house. So assume blogging to be light for a little while. In the meantime, please enjoy Mr Najam Sethi showing our anchors how real news presenting is done, and Veena Malik, telling Mufti Sahab that it's not on. And we end with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto telling everyone to go to hell.

Phallic Phantasies + Veena Malik = Super Win


Mumra said...

wehshi post.
i was fixated on BOTH these videos as well, just a few days ago. such propaganda is well appreciated, and brilliant infact!

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haha, awesome vids!

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Wow these were some videos.

good point though