Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Must Admit

That the murder of Salman Taseer has made me more thoughtful. The gleeful reactions of Pakistan's freckled faced fascists on Facebook, with their eulogisation of a murderer, seared my mind. On that Fascist path, lies the mental road to self destruction. That much is burned in my mind.

I've been doing a lot of quiet thinking since then. And no it hasn't been of the "leaving Pakistan" kind. It's been of the Sun Tzu kind.

In the meantime, its glad to see that the various Roshan Khyal Pakistanis of the internet are coming to grips with the fact that they live in a bigotted and prejudiced society. And it's just the "educated" middle class that can display this bigotry on the internet. What goes through the minds of everyone in the lower classes? How will they raise themselves up without falling into the same traps of bigotry that our middle class is in? These are questions that need to be thought of. And like I said in my piece on a long term Peace Plan for Afghanistan; I concur with Ambassador Maliha Lodhi that a long term plan is needed, and I believe that the blogosphere is coming to grips with this concept.

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