Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Political Assessments on the Murder of Salman Taseer

That Pakistan needs a psychologist and a good few therapy sessions (or at least its Middle Class does) whilst learning to breath:

Dead in My Tracks

The blogger Philistine asks about the reserve army of fanatics that religious extremists have in Pakistan, and how the fact has to be dealt with that these are members of Pakistan's electorate/society:

Who Are We Fighting

The title says it all:

Unlearning Hate

Referencing the Registan blog for the first time; a discussion on the Blasphemy Law:

Blasphemy Law Takes Centre Stage

Cyril Almeida discusses whether the PPP's behaviour during the lead up to the murder and after it is a tactical retreat or a defeat:

Tactical Retreat or Total Defeat?

My take on Cyril's thesis is that the murder of Salman Taseer is so huge, that the blasphemy law will continue to stink up the sirways, and action will be demanded on it, in one way or another because this scandalous tragedy is just so out there.

Finally Ayaz Amir gives the hardest political analysis of the entire imbroglio, whilst singling out the Jamat-e-Islami and Jamiat-e-Ulema-Islam for near terrorist levels of complicity in the murder; and pointing to the the delusional general and the incompetent politician, and their existence and power as the real reason Pakistan's fanatics constantly seem to be able to push their agenda:

Clerics on the March

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