Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Made Me Sick

Pakistan’s Sindh province.... is suffering levels of malnutrition almost as critical as Chad and Niger.

I just felt sick reading that. There's more, but this news report outlined how as family's were assessed for the first time they were found to have malnutrition levels worse than what had been imagined. I feel like this is a problem all across South Asia, where the situation for the worst off may be worse than imagined or measured by statistics. That's a narrative that has to be put forward. In Pakistan, Pakistanis must speak about it. And remember as Amartya Sen said, the simplest way to avoid death by starvation is to live in a democracy. Malnutrition is another problem though. And by the way, maybe a little of the defence budget could be sacrificed to put some dent in malnutrition rates.


Alpha Za said...

As a wise Singaporean leader once said, its exponentially more difficult to convince a well fed man to be a terrorist.

TLW said...

I just wish they'ld talk about this on the news. But anyone can see it if they just walk or drive the streets.

This would be a job for PTV.

Banging on about malnutrition might be the most worthwhile thing people can do.

Talha said...

I was heartbroken to see the image of those children from your link :(