Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Guys Forgot Wikileaks?

First off, Wikileaks has released the entire US State department Cablegate Data Drop, all 250,000 of those cables that were given over to Wikileaks. Assange Co. however, as many may have heard, has been handed data disks from an executive of the Julius Baer bank group. Wikileaks basically did what their prime directive said they would do; make the primary source data available. People are wondering when the Julius Baer data will be fully released, so that the banks can also get a taste of the Wikileaks effect. However, in the meantime, Wikileaks is finding itself being abandoned by those who might be feeling, have been supplanted in their job by the Wikileaks organisation. Here is the excellent McClatchy news organisation, covering how

"the Overseas Press Club of America in New York City declared him "not one of us." The Associated Press, which once filed legal briefs on Assange's behalf, refuses to comment about him. And the National Press Club in Washington, the venue less than a year ago for an Assange news conference, has decided not to speak out about the possibility that he'll be charged with a crime."

These news organisations probably do not realise it but they will be next if and when the US corporate/government nexus increases the pressure on their journalist community. A motivation may be professional anger that, let's face it, Wikileaks broke multiple scoops they should have been getting for themselves. Nonetheless, the Wikileaks people have done a great deal that should in all honesty be a gold mine for journalists. And the simple fact that Julian Assange is being treated like a criminal rather than a facilator of whistleblowing should be a signal of alarm to the US journalist community. Journalists should be encouraging people to leak as many classified documents as possible. Covering this story is admittedly, an Agitation Propaganda group, Russia Today (who do not like Pakistan), but they use a US citizen employee to cover the dropping of Wikileaks, and the rising threats against Julian Assange:

More significant is Birgitta Jonsdottir (Bir-Geeta Yaughns-Daugh-tier) the Icelandic member of Parliament who was elected from a marginal left wing political party in the wake of her country's economic collapse. She worked with Julian Assange in setting up Wikileaks in Iceland. She helped with editting the video of the Baghdad Helicopter attack called "Collateral Murder". I specifically remember her doing an excellent job with marketing and spreading the word around about Wikileaks during its Iceland phase, through 2008, uptil about the end of 2009. In this interview Birgitta is interviewed by a Canadian interviewer who is with every constructed sentence trying to discredit Julian Assange. Ms Jonsdottir goes along to the extent of outlining her reasons for differences with Julian, but doesn't out and out condemn and reject Mr Assange. Discrediting in our world is a prelude to punishment. In her interview she bought up the real threat, that power structures around the world are trying to criminalize whistle blowing. That is the real danger.

Julian Assange's situation is becoming like that of Pakistani news reporters; only international orgnanisations dedicated to the safety of newsreporters are the ones taking notice to the threats to their lives.

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