Friday, March 4, 2011

Cyril Almeida Grasps the Nature of These Long Wars

Cyril Almeida has grasped that the nature of the religious extremists we face is a sort of implacable insane foe. The military establishment is involved in this, so are local factions of our politicians, and those factions which stand opposed to the local sectarian fanatics, are making the mistake of appeasing them. This appeasement has to stop. Because people otherwise die.

In the PPP's defence, I would like to say that they are trying everything short of harming people in trying to stop the violence. But to the PPP, I would say, your members are being killed, can't you do something? At least tell all your members to now be armed, the way Altaf told his followers to be armed when the MQM first had to break the control of Muhajir areas from the Jamat? If not a fitting analogy, at least this time make a swift call to the ANP, MQM and PML-N to amend or abrogate the Zia created blasphemy laws? Do it fast and quick and change at the case registration process at least.

Cyril captures the forever war nature of the cultural and now physical assault Pakistanis face. Here it is: The Politics of Appeasement.

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