Monday, March 14, 2011

On the Brain Virus - Dedicated To Some Lahoris Who Know Me

They say they actually know the people at Brain Computers. Go figure. I`m from Lahore too, so yeah. I had heard long in Pakistani professional circles that Pakistanis were responsible for creating the first ever virus. Then I got unrestricted internet access and saw it confirmed for real in Time Magazine. I suppose this could have some thing about what Karachi Khatmal says on originality and Alpha Za said about Pakistan needing some smart, scheming entrepreneurship to save its economy (even the Zardari kind is fine). But this seems more important. Its the intersection of both, originality and entrepreneurship by way of information technology, a minor interest of mine. And here it is, a Finnish computer security company goes to Lahore and meets the creators of the Brain Virus. There is something touching about this video.

For one thing, this is the first time I am tagging both Pakistani History and Internet together.

For another they have Lahori Pizza Hut at the end. YAY!

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