Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shoveling Snow and Blogger/Gmail/Google

So whilst we were enjoying Pakistan clinically taking apart West Indies, on Pakistan Day itself (23rd March), it was snowing like crazy all of Wednesday. Result, 4~6 inches of snow, which I have to now go out and shovel. ~Sigh~ I remember last year, and the year before how I was shocked in 2009, that by mid-February, all the snow had melted off my lawn, and March was completely slush free. Well, not this year; I assumed that the same slush free conditions were what we would be going for. Apparently though, the weather is now going to look as nasty as it is supposed to in that part of the year that is supposed to be classed as "winter", i.e mid March in North America. So yeah, going out and shovelling.

I at least hope that Goddamn google, blogger and gmail don't leave me logged in. Blogger's wordprocessing application, in which I type is a bit of a pain in the neck to begin with, mis-formatting the font and spacing in odd ways. On top of that when I sign out, they don`t sign out completely. I logout of gmail or blogger, and then I open google in a new tab and it reopens with me logged in. I don`t think its a conspiracy, but I do think that like all Pakistanis, I push the products I own and use, to their specified limits and beyond. I want to get my time and moneys worth, and maybe google/blogger, just have some strange glitch. We shall see when I reuse this on some new internet browser. For now, I have all the four major ones installed; but this signing-out-but-not-signing-out glitch/privacy invasion is a pain in the neck. I'll keep an eye out on it for the time being.

Must. Go. Shovel. Now.

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