Monday, March 21, 2011

Yay - The Snows Melting and Its Raining

I moved into the house I'm in right now on the day with the heaviest snow of the year. Like the ground was blanketed by one and half feet, eighteen inches of snow. Something else moving house in weather like that. Really Fun!!!

But that was a little over a month and a third ago. Now the snow has melted and its raining; beautiful Karachi boy cooling rain. It makes me happy to be alive and now I can walk for both work and study. And its only March 21st! Man this is great. Life is good.

Will now sit inside, watch the rain, and run down my tea stock. I think I just finished an entire box of teabags.


karachi feminist said...

entire boxes of teabag, my current poison too..

TLW said...