Friday, April 8, 2011

Pakistan is Going Through Puberty

On Karachi Khatmal's advice I've put this here as a blog post. I think its appropriate. I ended up jamming an entire blog post as a comment on a swansong to Shoaib Akhtar. Shaiby deserved better. Both from my comment and in real life. But Mr Khatmal's analogy of Pakistan as a country with a misifiring adolescence was too good to pass up, and something I had considered for a very long time. Please keep reading.

Love, is a Shoaib Akhtar delivery KK. Because your understanding of love does change as you grow older. And the moment of release, is better than what a child could imagine.

Now, you know me, I go straight for the what-makes-this-place-tick part of the story, and man did I love your meta-description/discussion of our image problem. The suppressed past part is apt, and I've been warning people to always prepare for "embarassing realities" to pop up suddenly into the political scene. Just one example of an "embarassing reality" was that whole Pakistan's pervy google search thing, and another was our horrid labour practises which just killed of 40+ miners. Heck, Kamran Akmal is an embarassing reality, and even our beloved Shaiby and Lala pull heavy on the embarassing part in a way Imran Khan had to enter politics to acheive.
I won't ask how we alleviate it because you went for the coup de'grace when you compared Pakistan to an adolescent who's still a child. Man, I've been saying that to a few people since 2007; that basically, I think Pakistan is going through puberty. Seriously. If Pakistan makes it to 2013, and then to a new legitimate government, this country will have grown. Puberty explains everything, from the fight with backwards extemists, to the robust debates in the media, to the military become more sophisticated in its propaganda efforts, to Zardari acknowledging dead minorities first in his speech to the parliament, to Zaid Hamid/Hamid Mir constantly carrying a dark cloud around them due to embarassment/voiceover in a murder, these are signs of childhood breaking down, and maybe people growing up. When you were a teenager, didn't you feel sometimes like it was the end of the world? Well, this country is not going away; its bought off half the Baloch leadership, killed off the recalcitrant part, and is skulking around to clear off embarassing spots on its Balochistan sheet. And growing up is part of this little saga. There's also the past.

It was good to also see metaphors of child abuse there. I always considered our dictators to be negelctful Guardians.

And I seriously think our relationship with the United States can be classified as statuatory rape. We were 3 years old when the US began wooing us. The US was 174 years of age. The even used Walt Disney to draw us in to buy military toys, and then turn us into their chauthy beewee in Asia.

Seriously, I think the US can be called out on statutory rape, and it has been an abusive history. How does one go about dealing with an abused child? Especially one that is maybe, finally giving signs of growing up? You can introduce it to love. And Shaiby's demostrations of passion in bowling, as a love to aspire to, and Afridi's bara bhai like attention, may be one of many ways this country deals with the psyche problems it has.

Please check out Karachi Khatmal's beautiful doosra style comeback on Pakistan being stopped in the World Cup.

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