Saturday, April 23, 2011

RIP Moin Akhtar

Gone at the age of 60. Yah Khuda, who does that nowadays? Moin Akhtar sahab did, and it's sunk in that an original, hardworking and good man has passed away.

Forget emotions, I feel like there's a small empty space in my heart.

Ahmer Naqvi and Sami Shah wrote best on Moin sahab's passing.

And this one video Ahmer Naqvi posted is tragic, as he typed it. It's the comedian Omer Sharif reacting to his comedian colleague Moin Akhtar's death:

Moin Akhtar's work had a mild socio-political bent to it, a consistent criticism that went along the lines of nobody's perfect, and if anybody in Pakistan is pretending to be, they aren't being honest or smart. It was not necessarily Jon Stewart-esque, but in an environment (the last three decades of the 20th century) when entertainment in Pakistan was purely apolitical, Mr Akhtar stood out for criticising people who had influence on this society.

All I can say is said by Ahmer Naqvi, on the passing of a talented and good man:

Moin Akhtar was easily one of the greatest Pakistanis to have ever lived, my favourite comedian growing up.

انا لله و انا عليه راجعون

Postscript: Mr Nadeem Farooq Paracha wrote the best fact based obituary on Mr Moin Akhtar. It covers his history, his rise to fame, the famous stars he worked with, his health issues towards the end of his career, and most important the last role he had with Mr Anwar Maqsood on "Loose Talk" (multiple episodes available on the net), the show on Pakistan's private television channels that from 2002 onwards, made him famous amongst the young of Pakistan, all over again. Here is Mr Paracha on Moin Akhtar: "Death of a Comic Genius"

From God We Come, and To God We Return.

But it happens faster if we overwork and smoke as well.

انا لله و انا عليه راجعون


karachikhatmal said...
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karachikhatmal said...

well said, and thanks for the compliments.

just would like to point out that the apoliticism of that era was firstly enforced rather than chosen. not just for zia's era, but the decade beyond that too, ptv was the only channel, or avenue, that these guys had and they couldn't fuck it up. that's why, to the benefit of our our post-political generation, the critiques of society and individuals was priceless in bringing to light our personal flaws, not just those of our leaders.

that said, they didn't avoid it. a friend @gulshaniya found this clip, and it says so much here.

TLW said...

That was a pretty straight up brave critique Moin Akhtar passed on how confidently some people spout nonsense inside Pakistan. I was touched watching it. It was a demonstration on the problems caused by confident mediocrity in Pakistan. Moin Akhtar was nothing if not anti-mediocre. Like I keep saying, he was original. Maybe the time has come to confront mediocrity frontally. That would probably be a good way to carry Moin Akhtar's legacy forward.

Majestickhans said...

It's not the death of one individual but a setback to the entire comity actors, socio-political satirist, humorist, and above all a humanist. Moeen you taught us a lot. May Allah bless your soul and always rest in peace Amen

TLW said...

It's good to see you here Majestickhans sahab.

And yes, it is a setback to an entire community of actors, satirists and comedians, to see a humanity oriented person leave this mortal coil.