Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When the JI and JUI Aren't Fanatic Enough For You

Combined with the double assassination attempts on Fazl-ur-Rehman this attempted attack on a JI leader should really give us pause. Even after everything we've seen, this acts as a signpost on how faaar out of whack the situation with the militants has gotten. If the Jamat-e-Islami and the Jamiat-e-Ulema-Islam are not fanatical enough for a person, then this certainly means that things have gone far out of the control of a lot of people. The children, teenagers and youths planning these attacks have basically become a bunch of crazy wild dogs, snapping at anyone and everyone who does not conform to a deeply backward regressive view of the country. And have no doubt about it, these are all kids under thirty planning and executing these attacks. It becomes more obvious that religious indoctrination in our society has to be cut back, curtailed and controlled. The scaling back has to begin, and the JI and JUI, who were at the forefront of raising it, have to be told to shut up and back off for their own safety. These two idiot parties deserve a serious chunk of the blame for what has happened but they should now recognise that they are on a suicidal path that will destroy if not this nation, but certainly them. On the way, more innocent Pakistanis will die in the JI and JUI's attempts to make Pakistan and Pakistanis more palatable for Islamisation. At this stage Islamisation and Talibanisation begin to look like one and the same.

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