Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adding my Twitter Account

As it has become obvious to everybody, I have a twitter account. Unfortunately, between that, work in real life, and an immense flood of news since 2011 began I've slightly neglected my blog. I think it's fair to add the twitter account to my blog, sot it's now there on the right, the These Long Wars twitter account. Now that they're linked together, I think I can find more motivation to update regularly. It was something I wanted to get to, but finding the widget was getting in the way. Twitter is useful.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ted Rall Speaks to The Young Turks About the Rise of the Obamabots. It's Great When Stuff You Like Comes Together

I like Ted Rall. I also like the Young Turks. Its great when two things you like come together. The Young Turks are an independent news group from the United States, who started out from Youtube, talk radio and Air America and have expanded to the point where their founder Cenk Uygur (pronounced Jenk You-Gur) can now and then be seen on Dylan Ratigan's show.

Cenk is the one who interviews Ted and is the "Young Turk" who named and founded the show with his friend Ben Mankiwiecz. Mr Mankiewiecz is the son of a famous advisor to the Democratic party. The show, the Young Turks has it's own interesting take on Pakistan, which has now considerably changed and been updated with the capture of Osama Bin Ladin from right next to Kakul. I wanted to blog about The Young Turks and their take on Pakistan earlier, but I'll definitely do something on them at a later date. Cenk should consider having Mr Rall on MSNBC, where his views could be seen more favorably and disseminated more widely.

For now, please enjoy Mr Ted Rall's independent take on the Obama presidency, the political red lining that took place during the Bush years (that continued till three years back and could return again) and the rise of the Obama Bots.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Professional Opinion on the Last Three Weeks

I concur with Baba-e-Qaum, Mohammad Ali Jinnah on all this:

Sorry I've been gone for a bit of a while all this year. Between the murder of Salman Taseer, of Shahbaz Bhatti, the Cricket World Cup, the eruption of the Arab Spring across the Middle East and North Africa, and my subsequent taking up of Twitter and Tumblr over the last three months, as I had been promising to people for nearly half a year, a LOT has happened. A Lot.

I promise I shall add my Twitter and Tumblr to this blogspot, but for now, you can directly read my updates as I figure this stuff out.

And then there was the mother of all events that happened in of all places, Abbottabad, as the United States Public Enemy No 1 was killed by 80+ US Navy SEALS in under 40 minutes after ten years of being really on the lam, after committing the greatest terrorist atrocity the world has ever seen. And Pakistan plus every global news cycle was thrown into an administrative tailspin. The murder of Osama Bin Ladin on Pakistani soil (a thousand feet from our premier military academy) resulted in the first ever offering by the DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE PAKISTANI KILLING ISI to resign for a mistake that he committed. And the Pakistani parliament and civilian establishment let that opportunity slip through their fingers. They didn`t even extract a promise to carry or aid an investigation and THEN get General Ahmed Shuja Pasha`s resignation. A failure. Along with the dizzying array of failures that have stalked this land (and even threatened and blown parts of it up) since 4 US helicopters slipped below the radar into Pakistani airspace on the night of 1st May 2011.

These failures are documented by even dear old Wikileaks, which has now signed a deal with dear old DAWN to exclusively publish all those old leaked cables from late last year that pertain to Pakistan, exclusively in DAWN. The same cables that may have helped set off the Arab Spring through their revelation of President Ben Ali`s wrongdoings in Tunisia. So there is that. A documentation of failure.

And those failures continue.

And we have at, this point in time, a 10 hour long failure unfolding in PNS Mehran. A failure that strikes deep into the heart of the Pakistani military, and deep in my heart, as I lived close to PNS Mehran at one time and have even been there. PNS Mehran is entering it`s eleventh hour of siege and TWO P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft were destroyed by 10 to 15 militants who snuck into that little monument to my childhood and its commute, PNS Mehran. That's a total of $70,000,000 worth of damage to Pakistan right there and then by the TTP.

In response to the murder of Osama in Abbotabad. And then some other reasons of course.

The Full Complement of the Pakistan Navy's Orion P3's

The filmmaker Sharmeen Chinoy once asked a Pakistani Taliban collaborator, if they think they'ld win. He replied, "We will never run out off sacrificial lambs".

So there's that.

I have to go now and won't be back for some time. You can follow me on Twitter, but in the meantime, for the best analysis of this whole situation; from the capture of Osama Bin Ladin a thousand metres from Kakul, to the glass half empty session of parliament that partially absolved the military, to an entire UNIT of militants sneaking into the Pakistan Navy's premier Naval Air Base and blasting away $ 70,000,000 worth of equipment.

Good Night Y'all.

And God Bless All Those ordinary rank and file who fought and died and were injured fighting those scum that were sent in PNS Mehran.