Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adding Iblees, A Tale By A Takhalus & A Liberal Fascist Beghairat Mind

Can't fault them for original names can we? Iblees has the shortest, and of course it means Satan ;-) But Haseeb Asif has one of the funniest blogs all around; a blog that I've even compared to Salman Rushdie in his more wittier incarnations. You need to check it out.

A Tale By A Takhalus is run by a well known Pakistani Pukhtun twitter personality Takhalus. His knowledge of Pukhtunkhwa and its issues even takes Karachi exceptionalism into account, and his blog shows a willingness to teach even basic knowledge of Pukhtun issues, where it may be lacking in the readership.

Last is the now famous blogger for the Express Tribune, Syed Nadir El Edroos. Also known as Needroos, Nadir's knowledge of economics is especially relevant in his analysis of the issues that Pakistan faces and is always welcome in a journalistic world where Pakistanis, especially those on the right, seem to demonstrate either a lack of economic knowledge, or the most rudimentary understanding of it. The name's quite nice as well.

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Amna said...

I wouldn't compare Iblees with Rushdie. Yeah, one can say I haven't read Rushdie enough. But I supposedly chose one of his best works: Midnight's Children, and man was i disappointed. As far as satire was concerned, average brilliance. But it was pain in the ass junk read.