Sunday, May 20, 2012

Osama Bin Ladin's Murder - One Year Later

Ted Rall captured the absurdity of it all in one fell swoop. Osama Bin Ladin should've been physically captured and bought to justice like the Nazi's were at Nuremberg. His crimes spanned countries and destroyed lives across multiple nations.

Nuremberg, or an equivalent at the Hague World Court, not a "He flinched so I killed him" like some crackhead. Osama Bin Ladin was worse than a crackhead, he was a war criminal, and he should've been held , like the War Criminals of today (Charles Taylor, Milosevic) to account for his crimes.

And finally, the late date of the assault to capture him, is an indication of how far, to an extent the war Al Qaeda provoked in Afghanistan succeeded. The United States did suffer an economic collapse, and entered one of the greatest recessions in it's industrial history. It was only fast work in late 2008 that prevented a full on depression, and just gave the US the Great Recession.

And in the midst of great public suffering, one crime against the American people was avenged in Abbotabad.

Now, when there has to be a full accounting of why the Pakistanis let Osama Bin Ladin be so deep in their country, the commission on that man being there, cannot be allowed to dissipate into fog.

The secretive military structure of Pakistan, has to become more responsive to it's democratic political structure.

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